How to get to Alhambra Apartments

We are inside Granada´s old arab neighbourhood, Albaicín, Driving through these streets is not easy. Our reccommendation is to go directly to a public parking. 

If you arrive by Train or Bus, the easiest way is taking a taxi. Before seating in the taxi, make sure you inform the driver that your are going to "San Juan de los Reyes" street, not all Taxis can drive through it.

If you have a car and want to come closer to the apartments to drop your luggage, make sure you read this guide because it has important information to avoid fines or damages in your car.

Driving through the Albaicin in Granada.

Even if is possible to arrive by car to the apartments door, parking is almost impossible. We now have 2 parking place available for guests for just 15€/day. Contact us to book it, there is only 1 place.

There is a limited access to the neighbourhood. There are barriers and cameras in the 4 possible access. To get to the apartments you need to enter by "Pages Street" Currently, access is open to everybody from 2PM to 8PM. As our guests we can register your car to be allowed to enter at any time. Contact us to send your car details before arrival.

GPS systems often fail giving wrong directions. It is reccommended to plan ahead and memorize some key turns when your GPS might fail. The only possible access to the neigbourhood is through Calle Pagés. Any other route is wrong or more complicated.

Narrow Streets

To arrive to the apartments, you need to drive through San Juan de los Reyes street, which has a narrow part of 1.8m. Actually, most of the standard cars can pass through it, but you better know it before to avoid damages your mirrors or painting. Worst case scenario, you could drive back 400m to the entry point, but you will soon have some other cars and bikes comming in the right way.

Beaware of traffic signs

In this picture you can see left and right signs, in spanish and english and some green posts to make you understand how narrow the street is going to become. Well, is not enough. Every week there is a lost driver with a big car or van who creates a traffic jam as he finds himself blocked in the narrow part. Causing problems and delays to local drivers who are aware of the risk.

Underground Parkings

This list includes some of the paid parkings you can go when arriving to Granada. You can see their Google Maps profile by clicking in their name.

You can see actual parking prices in this web

Parking San Agustín

Probably the better located parking in Granada, but for the same reason, the most expensive. It is the closest to Alhambra Apartments, around 10 minutes walking. During peak holiday hours you could find it full. 

Parking Puerta Real

Another option with good location in Granada centre. Aroung 15 minutes walking to the apartments.

Parking Triunfo

We are going further from the apartments, but is still a nice 20 minutes walk through Gran Vía. It has an easy access after leaving the highway.

Parking Sócrates

This one has one of the best ratings in Google. Distance might reccomend taking a taxi but, if you decide to walk, you will be crossing all the historic centre of Granada.  

Parking Luna

If you hate driving in the cities and avoid confusing gps directions, this is your best option. You will find this parking right after leaving the highway. It has a good rating in Google too.

Parking Traumatología

This is probably the most economic option. Is a bit out of the way, near the bus station and some shopping malls.

On-street Parking

In the following map we include some areas where you can park for free and relatively safe.